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Beautiful, kind girl who acts like shes tough but deep down is a very sensitive person.Generous,usally gives people more love then they deserve. Soft hearted and very warm-blooded. Different then others and doesn't really like to show her features off. Although, could be annoying or harsh at times.
is that Ayca?
by Jeyda' November 29, 2012
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Usually loud and annoying but extremely intelligent, often have an exotic beauty to their nature. They are blunt and brutally honest but are very loyal to the people they care about. Often have blonde hair and come from Norway though not always. They are very sexual creatures and are really out going.
Wow look at that Ayca, she is being loud and sexual again.
by gertrude myzonskie December 01, 2012
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A gal who provides a generous service to anyone and everyone, even that guy who noone luvs. An fat, thicko person. Often having ugly fat children and being extremely stupid. Also have a tendency to be a slut and or (w)hore. A prostitute who cannot spell AT ALL - anything - seriously (like all prostitutes).
by SquiggleDotDash February 10, 2006
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