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1.Noun- A contest where two or more people are involved. These sides will be both armed with a can of AXE Deodorant, and will then engage in spraying eachother with it till someone asphyxiates from lack of oxygen. The body is then lit on fire, and because of all the Axe on it, will quickly burn to a fine crisp.

2.Noun- A contest of scottish highlanders, in which they get boozed up and attempt to bury an axe into the back of other people's skulls. The body is then placed on a pike and set up on the coast to scare invaders.
1. Bob and Ian duked it out in an Axe fight, untill someone lit a match and the whole place went up.

2. Colin and Gair got into an axe fight. The entire tavern was covered in Colin's innards afterwards.
by Keafer Mock October 11, 2005

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