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The act of doing, saying, or experiencing something odd, uncomfortable, ridiculous, or downright wrong. When this happens, the only way to make the moment pass is to ask someone to "pass the awkward sauce". It can also be used as a noun. i.e. I had some major sauce occur last night at the party. There are different levels of awkward sauce that range from mild, medium, spicy, and on fire.
There is an intimate dinner party, and one guest begins talking about his recent herpes flare-up . One guest says, "Can someone please pass the AWKWARD SAUCE?"

I experienced awkward sauce last night that was extra spicy.
by Ceesel White February 16, 2009
1. The word describing a situation so awkward that awkward alone does not fully verbalize the awkwardness.

2. A condiment that severely enhances the flavor of typical "awkward"
Danny: "Hey, come check out this music video my dad downloaded last night!"
Sandy: "...That looks more like your parents in the backwards cowgirl position."
Danny: "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
Sandy: "Wow, umm, awkward sauce...."
by ZzZzZzZzZ December 29, 2006
a sauce that can be drizzled onto any noun, adjective, verb, adverb, or any other word describing it as completely and utterly awkward.
dayummm that tall blonde chick that bounces when she walks....k.s........has awkward sauce written all over her
by totesadore.biotch August 24, 2009
An invisible substance sprayed all over a situation to make it really awkward. Sometimes jizzed from an invisicock.
"Hey, that girl I fucked last night? I just realized she's John's sister."

"Whoa, that's awkwardsauce."
by leggie_blonde August 15, 2009
A name for describing situations that seem to be a little weird. But "awkward sauce" doesn't actually exist. So when a person says it they should be smacked across the face with some road kill. Because they look like a totally idiot when they say it. And especially if they do hand gestures with it.
James: This is really awkward sauce. *moves hands*
Grace: Your an idiot it doesn't even exist. I wish I had road kill to hit you with.
by just so you know..... October 05, 2010
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