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The natural progression of the awkward turtle.
Only one hand is needed to do the awkward jellyfish. Open your hand face down, then, mimic a jellyfish swimming, moving your hand upward as it closes.
Billy: I love you.
Jamie: Oh... That's cool.
Billy: *awkward turtle*
Bobby: *awkward jellyfish*
by zesineg September 29, 2009
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an awkward jellyfish is when a situation becomes to awkward to handle and instead of saying "awkward" you make the motion of expanding and contracting your hands with your palms to the sky..
by awkward jellyfish master June 22, 2011
In an awkward situation, ball one hand into a fist, and hold in on top of the other, which will wiggle its fingers. This is an awkward jellyfish.
Someone asks the teacher, "when's the baby due," and they're not pregnant, it's time for an awkward jellyfish.
by Teh Queeble Cumbley Doodle Dea September 12, 2008

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