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You twist your thumb, unnaturally behind your pointer finger knuckle, to the point where your thumb can go no further. Then you make a fist with the rest of your fingers, and it looks absolutely awkward.
Person 1: Hi, my knee is really killing me today.

Person 2: Man my head is killing me, we drank too much last night.

Person 3: Wow, my ass is really sore from all that butt sex.

Person 1 and 2: *awkward fists*
by Sharahoeva and Kokomo February 05, 2009
The pose made when you have to take a photograph with a person you do not feel comfortable with, yet you are required to put your arms around him or her for the sake of a decent photograph. In this pose the hand does not grasp around like a normal embrace, but rather clenches into a fist in case you have to escape this creepy person.
"Ohmigosh, I just met the best man and he is really creepy! Do I have to take a picture with him?" - Maid of Honor
"Don't worry about it! Just use the awkward fist!" -Bride
by lazerest April 23, 2011
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