Any liquid, petroleum or snot based substance that you touch inadvertently
"I sat down on a chair and I felt a dampness seeping through my pants"

"Awk-sauce man"
by WOI72 May 24, 2013
Top Definition
When a situation or person is so awkward that they are beyond the normal definition of awkward and at the point where they are simply a thick liquid kind of awkward that adds moistness and flavor to garnish your life.
"They were talking about how ridiculous she looked while she was sitting at the table directly in front of them."

"That's awk sauce."
by AwkwardRobot January 21, 2010
used to describe an awkward situation. used in place of common slang such as "awk".
Yeah, and when we made eyecontact... so awksauce.
by lolocaustx83 June 20, 2010
(noun) The sauce of awkwardness
Would you like some awksauce on that awktopus?

Uh, man, that chick was weird. She was oozing awksauce.
by The awkward pig June 20, 2010
When a guy is jacking off and something goes wrong awksauce goes everywhere.
adam: yeah i was jacking off and awksauce went all over my couch.
joe: that's so awkward.
adam: yeah then my mom walked in. talk about a shit load of awksauce...
by ilaughtoomuch July 23, 2011
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