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Half white, half asian porn star with huge 36 E boobs that are almost too big for the rest of her 5'4 frame.
Born on January 22, 1974, she started out as a stripper before making her debut into the fantasies of men everywhere last year with her nymphomanical tendencies on and off screen.
by anonymous October 08, 2004
Really hot pornstar that i jerk off to everyday. She has huge boobs and a nice ass too.
Dude yesterday i was watching ava devine get fucked an i jizzed all over my keyboard
by OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!?????!!! August 24, 2006
The most down as porn star ever. No one is more hardcore. Resume includes: DP, Double Anal, Double Blowjob, Triple Blowjob, Dry Anal, A2M, Salad Tossing, Face Fucking/Deep throating (especially good, no gagging!), Bisexual, & anything else your perverted mind can think of.
Ava Devine deep throated a transexual and made him/her (it?) cum twice; on her face and in her mouth, and then more on her face and on her tits less than a minute later.
by James87Ford September 29, 2007