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Stands for Aliens Vs Predator Vs Marines and is a GORM (Forum/Game) that is based in the AvP universe that goes beyond just a fan site. Requires skill to advance and co-op is important in making a clan. The game is constantly being added to and offers multiple professions to start with and depending on how you play the game, results differ.

I reconmend this site over other fan sites seing this site has been around for three years and we are gearing-up for a major revision for the next AvP movie.

The site also offers an active forum community that may seen harsh a first, but will wecome you after 100 posts.

(This GORM is php-based and is created by Bill Ray and is not offered anywhere else. You are guaranteed a unique gaming experience. Plus, coming in the next year from thegrimmling a fully old-school style version of the site using a legacy version of Konfuze gaming engine. You liked the origional Final Fantasy. It will offer 3 speacies support and every weapon that all three species has.)
Your a colonial marine and you are lost in a world where Aliens and Pedators exist and all three species are fighting to be the dominate ruler in the GORM called AvPvM
by thegrimmling October 27, 2006