a phrase posted by a stupid trailer cunt who didn't think I'd find it! A name used when a trailer trash whore gets jealous and can't even be creative. Typically a phrase used by someone suffering from a combination of trailer fumes and fumes from cheapy heating devices... we all know how cold it gets up in the backwoods of Maryland near PA... did you really think I wouldn't be able to tell that Storm Hunter is either Melinda or whipped trailer trash second hubby Jeff!???
Melinda & Jeff the phrase "Autumn teeth" due to a low IQ, No life, and severe jealousy! Nee-Ner Nee-Ner! Got your definition deleted!!!! Get a life Crusty Trailer Tramps!
by marylandgrl22 December 05, 2004
Top Definition
when somone is missing all of there teeth. Seen in many parts throught the Southern United States and the more "hickish" areas of the country.
Yeah man, she had Autumn teeth. All dem teeth was gone.
by StormHunterPSU April 19, 2003

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