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When instead of showering, you just spray yourself with alot of deodorant.
Joe: We have to go man! you don't have time to take a shower.
Jake: yeah, I know. I'll just take in Australian Shower
by thisnameisnotbeingused November 14, 2009
Is a shower where you first wet yourself, then turn the water off and lather your body up with soap. When you are done, you turn the water on and rinse off. This method is used when trying to conserve water.
We were camping, and had limited water supply, so we opted to take "Australian Showers" to conserve our water supply.
by xerox445 December 15, 2011
its just a normal shower, very nice
i had an australian shower to get clean and wake up in the morning
by j j t March 31, 2011

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