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1. A form of competetive martial arts wherein two combatants face off against eachother on a pre-determined patch of grass, usually about 15x15 feet. The only rules are as follows: All blows must be delivered with an open hand, and a fighter must be clearly airborn while executing any attack. Fake-jumps are permitted to throw off an opponent's timing, but a counter-attack still must be performed while real-jumping. The bout ends when anybody gets exhausted from the constant leaping around, or when the whole thing isn't funny anymore, at which point a panel of three judges declares a winner based on who collectively whooped more ass. All of this is crazy enough to have probably originated somewhere in Australia.

2. A relatively safe way to settle disputes, while still resorting to violence, which rules.
1. Timothy won a 2-1 split decision over Gerald in that Australian Jump-Slap Fight, because he whooped more ass, but not unanimously.

2. "I'll Australian Jump-Slap Fight you for that last hot wing, bitch."
by j_dizzle2869 October 19, 2005
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