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65605. This is a town between Monett and Mt.Vernon. Basically like the slums of the bible belt. Full of variety, fat kids, druggies, emo kids, skanky girls, all in all it's well rounded in population. There isn't even a Taco Bell in this town, WTF is that about? The only two good things to come out of Aurora are it's killer FFA team, and Hawgwild which serves up some of the best BBQ nachos around. As long as you aren't from the North side of the tracks, you will be okay. And President Bush came to town once, all the rednecks and hillbillies came out to see.
A: "Hey dude, I have been sexting this hot chick.."
B:"Where is she from?"
A:"Aurora Missouri, bro."

B:"Is she from the North side?!?!"
A:"Oh hell no!"
by Alice Dandersun March 22, 2011
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