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Also known as northern lights.

1) In scientific terms, it is cause by ions within the atmosphere getting excited from the energy released by the sun. During the state of excitement, the ions release those energy in order to stabilize themselves. Those energy bear different colors, which depends on the composition of the ions. (i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc.)

2) In common terms, pretty lights in the sky that can only be seen at the northern regions of the globe.
Person A: Hey! Did you see the Aurora Borealis in the sky last night?
Person B: The wuh?
Person A: Northern lights...
Person B: Oh! You mean that was northern lights? I thought I was high.
by smart_guy October 17, 2007
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Also known as the Northern Lights, they are a purely electrical phenomena producing bright bands of color across the night sky. Seen mostly in the far north (i.e. Alaska, Russia, Scandinavia).
Few things in this world are more beautiful than the Aurora Borealis.
by Bionicle718 October 24, 2007
To ejaculate (by way of masturbation or fellatio) onto the outerlining of the females nipple, then proceed to clean it off with your tongue and/or teeth.
The Aurora Borealis I pulled on that bitch last night was incredible, but it left a nasty taste in my mouth.
by kevlikesturtles May 20, 2008
When one jizzes in another's ear and shakes the receipient's head while covering the receipient's ears as to make sure to complete the brain insemination.
Q-tip, the master of the Aurora Borealis, lives on the first floor of New Doris Hall at Tulane University. So go ahead and pay her a visit.
by Sigma Sigma Sigma August 29, 2004

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