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Nahualt name,indigenous language of Mexico. Derived from the nahualt word for water: Atl,means respected waters that bring life,connected to the high powers of water and the gods,used as a name if you were born on the day of this sign
Atzin They named him "Atzin" because he was born on day seven of the atl cycle,his name means respected waters that bring life and regenerate the people,he will be a great man and help many
by gatanegra13 May 09, 2013
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Extremely deep in thought. Usually expresses themselves in writing, debating, or in questioning the authority a person possesses, often to expose their faults.

Very reserved in public, but once alone the laughs and smiles are very contagious and memorable.

Has great taste in music from the timeless classics. Doesn't care too much for the new stuff.

Overall, they are original, cool and a friend that sticks up for the things she cares about.
"so atzin, what are you plotting against today?"
by topaztear February 07, 2010
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