someone with two or more of these traits:

death metal pants, mountain dew (code red), owns an alienware computer, monster energy drink, heelies, "cant sleep, clowns will eat me" t-shirt (or something similar), flourescent dyed hair, world of warcraft, live-action role playing, magic cards, one that goes under a psuedonym, knowledge of linux, epic metal jewelry.
"man that guy over there giggling really loud to that internet phenomenon while sipping on monster energy drink and gliding around the community college's cafeteria wearing heelies is such an attack chicken"
by Kirkland Baller Crew December 02, 2008
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Top Definition
A dance very similar to the "Funky Chicken" except, you grab your right ankle with your left hand and grab the back of your head and attack!
Guy2: I get myself friends by doing that.

Guy1: I shall...defeat you with my...ATTACK CHEECKEN!
Guy2: Oh will I...SURVIVE?
by GOLDIFRICKINLOCKS January 05, 2008

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