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Atlanta niggers unfortunately are plentiful. Niggers move to Atlanta because MLK was born there so it's idealized as the place to be if you're a nigger. Atlanta is a prime example of what an area dominated by niggers is like. Loud booming cars and pants worn hanging off nigger’s asses are common. Because of their numbers, politicians won't reduce/eliminate the welfare system for fear of losing voters. Atlanta had some beautiful traditional areas and neighborhoods. Eventually niggers came in, causing real estate values to drop, crime to escalate and force others to move out. Time after time you see this happening. Home buyers avoid these areas unless they are niggers cashing in on someone else’s misfortune. They create their own traffic laws in their areas and drive like maniacs. People are not safe in nigger infested areas, not even other niggers. Retirees should consider not purchasing real estate in Atlanta or surrounding areas due to the strong possibility that niggers will eventually ruin their area and they'll not be able to afford to move out.
What's the most confusing day in Atlanta? Fathers Day. Atlanta niggers destroy the quality of life for everyone. What's white on top and black on the bottom? Society. When will the American public stop being afraid to call a spade a spade?
by Lekeesha Washington April 19, 2011
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