One extrodinarily amazing guy , that is just thee bestest thing ever in someones life. If ever there is an amazing guy that is just thee ssweetest its gotta be an athen. ! someone who is just thee best person to fall in love with . Just thee sweetest most cutest bestest mighty fine guy of species !
my boyfriend is just thee most amazing thing ever , hes light a light switch in the dark , he must be an Athen
by aamylee winglee May 27, 2011
Ohio University Athens is not a party school, it is the party school.
Athens is a small drinking town with a college problem.
"Let's go Uptown in Athens tonight, I hear one of my professors is doing a lecture on kegstands!"
by Jeff September 19, 2004
A very small town in Pennsylvania where more than half of the people are Hicks/Rednecks. Pretty much, this is the most boring town and the only thing to do is go drive around in circles, Steal Signs, go Cow-tippin, Drink beer, and Eat Howies Pizza.
A: "where ya from?"
B: "Athens.."
A: "Greese????"
B: "No you idiot...Pennsylvania"
A: "oh...never heard of it..."
by Jewels3846 April 06, 2008
Athens -- a small town of 1,000 in Eastern Ontario. Known formerly as Farmersville. A sweet place to live.
Athens, Ontario holds an annual Steam Engine Festival.
by Maddy1 September 23, 2006
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