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A school in California that teaches students to actually get somewhere in life. It is a pretty cool and laid back school in general, which a lot of people think is weird. (esp. the whole we call teachers by their first names)and how it is in the rulebook that if it ever snows, class will be halted for 15 minutes for a voluntary snowball fight. Athenian students do a LOT of community service around the bay area, and the world.
SRV Student: Hey so you go to Athenian, right?
Athenian Student: Yeah. Its a pretty cool school.
SRV Student: Is it true that you all get driven to lunch in limos?
Athenian Student: Uhhhhhh, no?
SRV Student: Really because someone told me that-
Athenian Student: No.
by aotwhlesn January 03, 2010
A liberal, hippie east bay school that does tons of community service and has its students go backpacking for a month in order to graduate. Go Athenian!
Kid 1: Bob is such a hippie
Kid 2: I know, right
Kid 1: he just went backpacking for a month
Kid 2: Knew it, he goes to Athenian
by TheKingT April 11, 2010
an extremely retarded private school in danville for ugly people and prude girls who do nothing but homework, recycle, and protest animal rights. YAY ATHINEAN!
bob: anne is such a prude ass liberal
joe: yea i kno, she must go to athenian
by Eric December 13, 2004
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