The most gangsta town in all of 805 home to crips, bloods, and the notorious Southern Locos Gang, a ruthless group of Surenos who bang on busters and party like there is no tomorrow. If it's happening in the 805 it's goin down in A-Town.
Gangsta1: Let's go party party in Paso Robles.
Gangsta2: Fuck Paso Robles ese! It's goin down in A-Town!
Gangsta1: Get in the'64 we're ridin to Atascadero!
by jay13 February 17, 2008
A small town in Santa Barbara County, California where Durban grows plentifly.
Pippin was legit because he was born in Atascadero and therefore was very knowledgeable on the Durban strain of marijuana.
by ntotheike January 22, 2006
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