During fierce battles with the Intellivision and the Colecovision, Atari decided to make a console that will replace the 2600. But ironically, the 5200 failed. Here's why:

1: The system was incompatible with 2600 games.

2: there was a whole shitload of Re- release titles.

3: they have a software library that failed to hit triple digits.

4: They created the most hated controller of all time.

The controller: Sure it has a pause button and a 360* joystick, but it didn't recenter properly and it was so fragile that it will break after just a few hours of play.
*Bonus!* did you know that you could plug in a sega genesis controller into a 2600 and it will work? As for the Atari 5200, there are third party controllers to replace the shitty ones that the system came with.
by Spl33nfat March 05, 2009
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