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An unreliable form of multi-media broad band
Apparently similar to other types of providers.and as unreliable...

Upon initial installation, video will work for 3 days then the receiver will refuse to boot up just like the skynet virus had infected it. The Video receiver will go through a boot up of 3 dots then show the evil At&t logo and then later continue by giving you an orange screen with no explanation of what or why. Then about 5 minutes later it will give you a series of diagnostics that are useless...
Joe: "hey I just got At&T Uverse 2 days ago and its great!"

Sally:" yea mine was great till the 3rd day now it has an pretty orange screen for us to look at that never goes away"

Joe: " did you call tech support?"

Sally:" yea ...the message says -this office is closed- but I have a friend who works in the call center so I got an appointment in a couple days" I have to miss a couple days of work and miss a doctors appointment too plus I have to be home all day...but they said they are coming to fix it"

Joe: ":("
by Ronald Reagan(asshole supreme) March 16, 2010
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