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On September 26th, 1992 Nicolas Cage hosted Saturday Night Live. In one sketch Nicolas Cage and actress Julia Sweeney act out parts as soon to be parents deciding on a name for their child. After many of the suggestions by the wife the husband continues to decline most of the names she is coming up with on the grounds that the child would be made fun of because of that particular name. As the husband continues to be more defensive about his own past as being made fun of and continues to dislike the names suggested, a telegram is delivered by an agent played by Rob Schneider. The agent tells them that the telegram is for a person named “Asswipe Johnson”. The husband immediately tries to correct him by informing him that his name is pronounced: “Os-wee-pay”. It is at this time you realize the motivation behind the husband’s scrutiny. This term is often used in a comical way in substitution for a person of which you forgot their name. Basically a synonym for John Doe. The term can be used as “Asswipe Johnson”, or “Osweepay Johnson”.
A: What was the name of that guy you knew with that thing?
B: Oh, uh....I dunno, Osweepay Johnson?
A: Osweepay Johnson, thats funny.
B: Do you get it?
A: Not really.
B: Osweepay, Asssss....wipe.
A: Oh yea! Hehehehehe.
B: Mm-kay.
by Paramecium July 25, 2004
Loser who takes Message Boards on the internet too seriously.
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
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