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AKA "Consumption College". Catholic institution located in the preppy rich kid section of Worcester, MA. Famous for its stuck up yet semi-retarded student community. Assumption is often seen as the booby farm for nerdy yet secretly gay WPI frat guys attempting to reaffirm their sexuality.
(In Worcester Club)
Guy: Hey, where do you go to school?
Girl: Assumption College, on Salisbury street
Guy: Oh, I go to WPI
Girl: You're sure I havent done you yet?
by Moooooose August 02, 2006
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a small, liberal arts college located in a low-key section of Worcester, MA. Although it is a great school to get an education, The students are either brain-dead athletes who think they're God's gift to everyone around them or sketch balls who wear berets and believe in odd conspiracies.
Bob: Assumption College has lots of normal people.
Harris: Ummm, on the whole, no they don't.
by Awesome Blossom April 11, 2007
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