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Otherwise known as the taint or the chode, assticles typically occur in men of advanced age. After gravity has taken its toll on the scrotum, the advanced stretching begins to affect the anus. Eventually they become one.
Harold was in the bathroom the other day battling with some troubling constipation. To his surprise his scrotum lapped delicately at the water. He called to his wife. "Gertrude!"

"What is it Harold" she replied.
"Get in here and tell me why my balls are in the water" he gasped.
"OMG Harold!" she exclaimed. "You have assticles you filthy old fucker!"
by *samIam* February 19, 2010
32 1
When a guys testicles are really close to his asshole rather than his dick, this is called assticles.

Basically just the words Ass and Testicle put together.
Friend 1: Oh My God!!! Last night I took a huuuuge dump and I looked and I shit all over my ballz because they are so close to my asshole!

Friend 2: Ewwww dude thats just nasty I think you have Assticles!


Everybody: OMG GROSSSSSSS... you should get that checked out...
by MwahahahahahaHAhahah April 27, 2009
3 0
Someone who is an ass but worse. Ass being asshole, ticle being a testicle. Calling someone an assticle will daze and confuse them allowing for time to make fun of them.
God, billy is such an assticle to mike.
by Kevin July 26, 2004
7 17