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In the game Dark Age of Camelot, the act of interrupting 2 groups of fighting people and killing them all.
We got assjammed at beno docks.
by DAoC February 28, 2005
In the MMO, Dark Age of Camelot, "ass jamming" describes a situation where two enemy groups are fighting eachother and a third group comes along and joins the battle.
"I dont ass jam unless i see someone out numbered, id never interfere with a 1 on 1"
by Loumy January 16, 2010
similar to pocket lint if you wear underwear unwashed too many days in a row the lint becomes moist like jam
Mate, your undies are so dirty if you sweat it up you will have ass jam
by thatsthatmattressman July 04, 2012
When you press your bare ass against glass and it spreads, revealing the browneye. Spreading ass like you spread jam.
I bent over in the shower and ass jammed the glass. My girlfriend saw it and freaked out.
by Rambonanza February 19, 2009
The spunk left clinginging to a gay mans sphincter after a heavy bum fun session, typically coloured by blood and poo
eoo ure drippin ass jam cecil?
by Mike Tidy April 17, 2004
In an MMORPG when there is a group of idle players and another grp of players suddenly runs up and kills them unexpecatdly.
Man we assjammed those guys at that keep!
by Cyrus February 13, 2005
It's like toejam, only it's assjam.
My helmet's covered in assjam.
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003
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