Top Definition
When a man is obsessed with ]anal sex] and cumming in a women’s ass.
Bob had the asshole fever from 17-20 years old, he only wanted to do them in the bum bum.
by tho vid sale September 10, 2006
Having the Asshole Fever most often refers to wishing and dreaming of inserting the penis into the rectum. The term Asshole Fever can also include other sexual acts involving the butt hole, including but not limited to anilingus and fingering.
Yes! My Asshole Fever desires are being quenched! The time has come to fuck Regina's pretty little asshole. She screams like crazy as she gets drilled in her ass.
by Libido43 September 21, 2008
The burning sensation in your butt after taking a "fire" dump. Sililar to the feeling of hemroids only spiced up a little.
Gary can't walk today because he has asshole fever.
by WildThang January 24, 2007
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