verb: The act of hitting a woman in the anus with a ball pin hammer, so as to tighten it to the point of puckering, prior to inserting your penis into said anus.

noun: A ball pin hammer used to preform the aforementioned act.
Katie and I got back from our date last night and were feeling rather frisky. So, I pulled up her dress and pulled down her undergarments and picked up my asshammer off the nightstand. With one mighty swing, one powerful thrust, and 3 pints of blood later, Katie had been asshammered.
by Jack the Hammer June 11, 2009
Top Definition
{1} person who gives anal sex(2) person who hammers asses, with a hammer
Jim is such an asshammer.
by keith June 02, 2003
A mechanically operated percussive device used to pound an object such as a dildo into your buddies ass.
Hey Alex, to celebrate our new legal union, I bought you and 3 horse power gasoline operated ass hammer with optional scrotum coupling device. Get ready to feel the love!!
by Nifkin Diver April 28, 2004
1) A porn industry slang.
2) Referes to the penis as an impliment for penetrating the anus and denotes a forceful, sexually charged atmosphere in which this penetration will occur.
3) As a part of the english vernacular it usually denotes the act of anal sex between 2 people. This term is not specific to any particular sexual orientation but rater generic.

4) A vulgar reference to the act of anal sex due to the implicit "violence" of the term and it's reference to a hammer.
I fucked I lot of hot young bitches back then...They called me Dave "The Ass Hammer" Smith back in college.

The girls all called him the "ass hammer" cause he loved anal sex so much

The gimp was a silly bitch who always begged for the ass hammer

"I like to think of it as ass play but Bill gets freaky whenever I mention going in the back door and then the ass hammer comes out"

Hammer my ass! like the bitch that I am.
by titties and cake September 10, 2004
Someone male that gives an asspounding buttpirate shrimping
like Lance Bass or matt or ass pounding with another guy
"The fool bent over in prison and got an asshammering hell never forget"
by bojanggles October 19, 2006
The act of farting in your partners mouth while you are receiving a rim job....AsShAmMeR
she was eating my ass and I gave her an asshammer, right in her mouth haha
by Daddi knows July 04, 2014
An insult like ass hat.
That guy cut me off... what an ass hammer.
by Donkey Juggler February 16, 2004
1. The state of being such an asshole it's like the force of a hammer upon others
2. What one calls another that is a cheap camper in Halo or one that is cheap (see spawn kill)
3. One who is the giver of anal sex
1. Jesus he's such an ass hammer it's enervating
3. I was Cindy's ass hammer last night. *shrug*
by Eric-GS3- November 06, 2005
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