an accessory for one's ass.
when girls wear only legging and a shirt. there should be something to break up the blank canvas that is your ass. a belt or a skirt or even pockets count as an assessory.
by kedog September 15, 2009
Top Definition
Formerly known as a 'gold digger' this term refers to a female or 'piece of ass' who acts as an accessory to her wealthy boyfriend or husband. Assessory. These females are known more for who they are boning at the time, rather than who they are. Some experts in the field have suggested that they are actually mythical creatures which appear only when men reach income levels of the mid-six figures, or sign NBA contracts.
Damn, look at that assessory! Don't know that bitch's name, but shes draped over that dude like a scarf. Sometimes he rolls with two assessories at a time. Stupid hos!
by the[S]MAG September 21, 2007
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