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Assectomy – the procedure in which an asshole is separated from an institution, employer or personal relationship because of being an asshole.

Some survive an assectomy by joining AA Assholes Anonymous and participating in a 12-step program to reform their lives. Others just go on to another institution, employer or personal relationship to repeat the cycle in an endless loop of assholiness.
When Bill was dumped by Karen, he went through a brief period of remorse following the assectomy but did not continue his 12-step Assholes Anonymous group and went on to inflict his assholiness on yet another sad but unknowing victim.
by Marthakay October 28, 2006
When one's ass gets procedurally and surgically removed. Hurts like fuck.
I can't sit on my chair because of this damn assectomy
by Anus Remover Extrordanar March 10, 2009
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