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toilet paper, as in a product used to cleanse the ass of filth
hey would you mind getting me another roll of ass douche? im all out in here.
by anonomous July 18, 2004
A person with the combined idiocy of being an ass, and a douche.
"You're not supposed to put the fork in the microwave along with your meal, you assdouche!"
by M-O-W March 15, 2008
N. A person who is so egotistical that he has very little thought of the feelings of people around him. In short, a person who is too much of an asshole to be just a douche, and too much of a douche, to be just an asshole. It is time to reevaluate yourself if someone refers to you as an ass douche.
When Matt was making jokes at her expense, he was being a real ass douche!
by Sarjas July 29, 2010
to flush out the contents of the anal cavity
You stupid assdouche
by bread infection October 21, 2005
noun: A clever derivative of Douche or Douche bag, used to avoid sounding like said vaginal sanitation article instead of using the same overused, xbox live, twelve year-old insult again and again with no clever follow up.

Verb: Something most pop-stars, hookers, and Ned Baddy do every day to avoid rectal infection.
Obnoxious idiot: Yea, well I did your mom last night!

You: Ass Douche

Obnoxous idiot: ........ (head explodes while trying to think of a comeback, which he knows is impossible)
by drifter45 May 31, 2011
Gay asshole
that fag thought he could kick my ass what an Ass-Douche
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009