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1. The ultimate fone used by ultimate people. Buyers include Chuck Norris, Samuel L Jackson, Sean Connery, Benicio Del Toro, Russel Crowe, the nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Baby from who framed roger rabbit, Keanu Reeves, X-President Regan, Milla Jovovich, And the bald guy from Reign of Fire.
2. A fone that instead of having internet capabilities or hands free set up, has a tazer, retractable spikes, cyanide and arsenic compartments, choke cable, GPS with listings to convienent body dump sites, and a self destruction device.
"What was the man strangled with?"
"It looks like it was done with an Assassin fone!"
#assasin #saxaphone #fone #phone #iphone #chuck #norris #chuck norris #clan
by Assassin Fone Inc. August 20, 2007
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