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A small mystical creature employed by Airport Security to painfully explore anal cavities in search of contraband. It is generally used in situations in which a simple body cavity search is not sufficiently humiliating.
"We were detained at the Airport because the Ass Troll found a condom full of cocaine in Joe's ass."

"I can't believe they used an Ass Troll on that old lady!"
by Don't really know February 04, 2006
what you see when you are having sex with a really hairy girl and you are about to do it doggie style
damn girl what is that an ass troll!!
by dirtyreddbone February 05, 2006
asshole ass jerk sleaze troll player idiot lowlife

a troll who is also an ass
someone who hits on women in chat rooms (i.e. trolls around) for the purpose of having indiscriminate cyber sex or phone sex
by sultrybrunette June 05, 2005
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