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Giving someone an enema with your shoe. This includes but is not limited to: A boot, high heels, sneakers, chucks, track spikes, and all forms of footwear.
"I am going to ass shoe your ass if you dont shut your ass."
by flemdaddy November 10, 2008
12 3
Meaning that someone has their foot up their ass....
"Td is acting like as assshoe right now"
by pat tucker October 28, 2005
4 2
A term involving a prefix of ass, and a suffix of an article of clothing, that was NOT invented by Finland.
Mikko: "Assshoes!"
Joan Twist: "I don't think so. Asshat."

Metta: "Assshoes!"
John Wang: "Gesundheit, bless you. Go wash your hands."
by Timothy the Squirrel October 14, 2008
0 0
What Dave May eats.
"Hey Chris what does Dave May eat?"
"Ass Shoes!"
by Gary November 24, 2003
5 14