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The smell that exists when a bunch of teenage boys sleep and eat in the same room for over 24 hours without showering. If you experience the ass muffin smell you are advised to internally combust, because your life is over.
zomg that hax! He UnleasHED a nasty ass muffin smell!
by Greg J.B March 21, 2007
A small creature that crawls into your anal cavity and proceeds to create muffins at his leisure. Mind you, these are no ordinary muffins. Once created, there is only one way for the muffins to exit your rear.
Damn that assmuffin made muffins in my ass.
by Jon November 28, 2003
someone who has no boobs but a huge ass
guy 1: do you think shes hot?
guy 2: uhh, she gotta donk i guess.
guy 3: yeah she's a total assmuffin.
by smellymellyhasabelly December 16, 2010
The act of stuffing one or many muffins down your pants, while promptly sitting down on the doughy mass. Upon sitting, you take the muffin mass, ball it up and eat it.
dude, you really need to get a taste of Chris's ass muffin, it's to die for!
by theprettiestbaglady October 27, 2008
dry pieces of shit that accumulate on or around your sheets, comforter, or even boxer briefs
damn, I need to start wiping better, I had ass muffins all over the place!
by Jon Himself March 26, 2003
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