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A light framework covered with cloth, plastic, or paper, designed to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string, which is held between the buttocks of a man or woman. Holding the string in any other manner renders it merely a kite.
It's a nice day. I think I'll head down to the beach and fly an asskite. With my ass.
by Bilbo March 16, 2004

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A kite that is spawned, and flown, out of your asshole
"That's a really nice ass kite, nick jonas."
"Thanks, i have no friends"
by McDoozle March 01, 2009
Toilet paper that accidentally sticks to someone’s butt instead of flushing down the toilet. It hangs out of the back of an unknowing person’s pants, leaving a brown tattered kite blowing in the wind.
Look at that assclown flying a 6 foot long asskite
by wicked clown March 18, 2004