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Any "common" homosexual practise that only exists in the minds of straight people for their own amusement.

Such as storing used condoms in the fridge to drink later, 'being the wife', biting the pillow, using vaseline, drinkin cum out of an arse with a golden straw, or, indeed, the apocryphyl inserting a live gerbil up the anus using an empty toilet tube.
Straight man to gay man: 'So what the fuck is this felching thing anyway?'
Gay man: 'I dunno mate, you tell me, as far as Im aware its just another ass-gerbil.'
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
small fuzzy creature (often slimy) who spawns from one's anal reigon. these "ass grebils" are often the cause of prolonged constipation. however these rectal-rodents can be excreted and usually are.

*how to know that YOUR ass gerbil has been ejected*

1) your feces has sharp claw-like points that scrap your cheeks
2) your feces is steaming in the toilet
3) your feces is completely impossible to break-up or compress
boy1:"wow! my very first ass gerbil!"
boy2:"cool! what color is yours?"
boy1:"orange and red!"
boy2:"wow! mine is green!"
by sigmund the dephacate April 26, 2006
One who likes gerbil ass.
Garrett is such an ass gerbil.
by Mike & Co. September 27, 2003
What mike & co. are because they like to suck them
Mike & co. like to lick Gerbil ass
by Garrett bitch &co. October 05, 2003
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