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While having doggystyle sex with a gal, and you grab her ass cheeks and spread them to take a look at her booty hole, you notice strains of hair all around her asshole.
Dude, I was dogging this chic last night and went to check her asshole out and she was packing a total ass muff.
by grorge December 27, 2007
1) a berating, downing insult
2) A Straight person that displays homosexual tendencies
3) a person that has tendency to be dirty,unclean and dishevilled
4) any combination of the above
"Shut-up assmuff!"
"Come here assmuff..."
by anon-e-mouse January 02, 2005
An insulting term (invented while under various controlled substances) can be used to refer to basically anything you don't like... or things you really do like. It doesn't really matter as long as you deliver the word in a british accent.
I lost my assmuff last weekend!
by thesketchskanks1 December 18, 2009
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