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Having a piece of shit hanging from your ass. This is not to be be confused with a dingle berry, for the shit is still in the ass and is not hanging by ass hair.
Dude, I was just in the bathroom, and I had the largest ass doodle. It wouldn't come out of my ass!
by CZYDUCK January 19, 2009
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a person that says random $#!+ that nobody understands. most commonly seen with fellow assdoodles, and they usually have the most assdoodley conversations.
Hannah is such an assdoodle, but the queen of all assdoodles is her best friend Lisa, who even confused herself once time.
by Bradleyyyy February 23, 2008
When a piece of shit is hanging out of your ass.
My God! Look at that that ass doodle!
by Sgt. Johnson July 07, 2005
1.) A person who says random things that dont make sense to anyone but them.

2.)Original coined by a young boy for a brooklyn construction company's secretary: Tania Baladi.
What are you talking about. That makes no sense, YOU ASSDOODLE!
by Mark Garcia March 24, 2006

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