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Someone, a man or woman, who is bitchy because they have something permanently stuck up there ass
So and So is being an ass bitch today, he/she must have sat on a broom this morning
by Santi El Magnifico June 26, 2005
Someone who is whiny, annoying, self-centered, and generally just a jerk; can describe a male or female, but it's funnier when it's a guy.
"Taro can be a real assbitch sometimes."
by HomicidaLxFisH October 20, 2004
1. a guy who is both an asshole and a bitch
2. a guy who often has anal sex forced upon him
(insert name here), you are such and ass bitch.
by friend of the assbitch June 12, 2004
Any driver that cuts you off in the fast lane on the Autobahn, or Autoroute.
I cannot believe those Assbitches cut us off!
by sunofseattle March 26, 2009
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