A male prostitute that works truck stops and services truckers.
I stopped off at wild bills truck stop and got some action from an asphalt cowboy before continuing down I-25 to deliver my load.
by Bob Wheeler March 20, 2008
Top Definition
A man (country boy) who works on the road. He is always gone, traveling to different states due to his line of work.
An asphalt cowboy could be considered a truck driver, iron worker, etc.
by Brandy Lou January 15, 2009
Is a noob owner/driver of a very expensive & perpetually immaculate 4WD; they never take the vehicle off-road and use the vehicle as it was originally intended, mostly because they have lower than average driving skills.
*Big shiny expensive Toyota 4WD with shiny rims a pulls up at intersection*

Bystander: "stupid asphalt cowboy...."
by D down in Oz September 04, 2008

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