A sexual act where a women is doing cocaine off of an erect penis. Before she can do the next line the man will insert is coke laden penis into her anus causing it to go numb and lose control of her bowels causing her to shit her pants.
She was so into the Aspen Avalanche that I went through a whole eight ball last night.
by jdyno718 September 01, 2010
Top Definition
When a man has sex with his partner from behind while holding their face in an icepack or hotel ice bucket. At the last minute the man pulls out the partner spins around and the man shoots warm cum all over his partners frozen face.
Chip and Marc were all out of ice after the party so Chip held Marcs face in a bag of frozen peas before he shot his Aspen Avalanche all over his face.
by tacotyme January 11, 2010
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