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Asian Delusion is a serious affliction suffered by many asian men. It is directly related to their futile attempt to convince the world that their penis' are just as big as that of other races when in fact they are not they are substantially SMALLER! Asian's use old fictitous proverbs and other propaganda in an attempt to convince their own people as well as the world that there genitalia is not the microscopic joke that it is. Many asians get so obsessed with perpetuating this lie that they actually fall under the delusion that there penis' are equal or greater in size to that of the white, black, or latino male when in fact they aren't. This lie is especially harmful to asian females in that it deprives them of the sexual pleasure they seek and deserve. When an asian woman finally experiences a non-asian penis she quickly slips into a phenomenon known as Asian Delight and vows never to entertain another asian man sexually again. Since asians excel at mathematics they should realize that numbers do not lie and neither do rulers! The asian penis will always take last place! Asian men need to realize that asian penis is smaller than that of every other race. The only people who are convinced by the myth that the tiny asian penis is not tiny are the perpetrators of the myth.
There are only three known ways to treat the affliction known as Asian Delusion.
1. The delusional asian must appear naked in front of a room full of non-asian women and listen to their hysterical laughter at how small their penis' actually are.
2. Measure their own penis with a ruler, then do the math. They always fall several inches shorter than that of the small end of what is considered average for other races.
3. Read all the definitions on Urban Dictionary and realize that EVERYONE knows about the tiny asian penis and repeat steps one and two until all signs and symptoms of Asian Delusion have disappeared and have been replaced with Asian Acceptance!
by Rountreetruthteller July 12, 2011
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