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a god-like person with a strong personality and leadership skills, who chooses to do things on his own terms and often gets his way. Could be very lazy at times and has a very short attention span
Behold the ashutosh`
by bite me too February 06, 2010
referring to any human being, usually a man who sits at home all day watching tv with a laptop on his lap gambling on horses while munching on nuts
Shut the fuck up you hideous ashutosh!

Damn, that woman is such an ashutosh.
by Gurvinder December 28, 2008
A hideous Mudkah-like creature. Also known as the Jamaican Jamun, the Gluttonous Gulab, the Tumultuous Tatte, and the Protegee of porn. It is said that an Ashutosh once spilled peanut crumbs onto his couch, told his son to remove the mess, and proceeded to deliver the child a hot dickings to the back of the head, paralyzing the Ashutosh-spawn for weeks.
"Ashutosh, get off the couch, take the nuts off your lap and get a fucking job"
-"Shut the fuck up you filthy chutia, Ashutosh moves when he choses so!"
by Thagret Bullmoose December 29, 2008
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