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A sausage fest. Penis-palooza. An event or crowd that promises to be full of attractive women, but turns out to be nothing but a bunch of horny men standing around.

The website for having affairs with married people, Ashley Madison, was found to mostly be comprised of desperate men, with fake profiles for women to lure them in.

Ashley Madison is now abusing the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to try and remove the evidence of that and the massive leak of usernames, invoking the Streisand effect.
"That beach party was a huge Ashley Madison; there wasn't enough booze to make up for the lack of bikini babes."
by allergic_to_myself October 09, 2015
A website that is used to cheat on your spouse and recently had all records become public
"I need somebody other than my wife to fuck, what do I do?"

Go to
Ashley Madison where you can get a quick
by Cre8tive Cre8turez October 23, 2015

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