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Ashlene is a rad ass name that means a dream in gaileic, Ashlene's are generally full of love, and very out going, goodlooking, and go get er's. Ashlene's are rare, and have Very defined features. searching for love, but afraid to be let someone in. wanted by many, but only wanting one.
Yo that girl has a nice body
Yah man, its an ashlene
by Shlina. April 20, 2009
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1. Ashlene is a fucking awesome name that means a dream in Gaelic.
2. Ashlenes are characterized as funny, outgoing,and sexy. There are no bad traits for Ashlenes because there are fakkin hahhttttttt.
3. Ashlenes are commonly spotted by there amazing ASSets. You know you've spotted the rare Ashlene species when you've SEEN an ass like that.
Guy 1: Oh my god did you see that girls ass?!
Guy 2: Hell yah man, she must be an Ashlene
by Shlenetits April 22, 2008
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