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A town where roumors are the native people. Its full of fat chicks, the fat hero guys, losers, lots of drugs, assholes, STD's, hillbillies, nosy people, liars, thieves, child molesters, uglies, ugly fat chicks who have ugly fat kids because they fucked the ugly fat hero's. the school is the worst place EVER, and all the stores and gas bars are to cheap to improve thier businessess or hire reliable people. all the natives are steriotypical, all the blonds are sluts, the redheads are cunts, there are like 2 black people and 4 asians.... their ok.... everyone else is a backstabbing lieing Piece of shit who need a good dose of the holocost, if ya know what I mean?
Are you going to Ashern social? FUCK NO!!!!!!
by exasherner July 26, 2011
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