When a bowl (of marijuana) is all ash.
You:(passing a pipe or bong) I thinks it's ash hole, you might want to check.

Friend: Yep it sure is, i'm not smoking that crap!
by Red Dog August 15, 2005
the crappy house located in carbondale on Ash street they throw killer parties
The ash hole has 2 dollar kamikazi's on wednesdays
by alchemistress June 13, 2008
1) the small opening in the volcanic ash clouds that allow airliners to fly through without any chance of danger.
2) the opening at the top of a volcano from which forth spews volcanic ash
We were stranded at Heathrow Airport for hours until the airline found some ash hole to fly through.
by 1Sherman April 15, 2010
Ashley Mae Gorst
omg do you see Ashley she's such an ashhole but her friend Erin is so hot 😍😍
by erinnnnnnnnnnn April 22, 2015

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