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The premier clan for competitive Wii gaming. Known as the most selective online community that only admits the best and brightest.

Catch Phrase: xS wouldn't know a pro if he jizzed on their faces. That's why we swept the floor with them in WaW. ~AoW SS
xS guy: Aww, I hear you didn't make it into Art of Wii. Did you apply to xS, eC or any other clans?

BC prospect: Yea, I was rejected from xS, aDv and eC. If all else fails, i'll just bank on my safety which is BC.
by namWoA March 16, 2010

A Wii gaming clan that satisfies its members' needs for pwnage and adrenaline. Also has a very catchy theme song.

#1 ranked Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (for wii) clan

The Art of Wii...wii would like to pwn...

When you're here, you're family...
by AoW Diaoman October 25, 2008