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1. Arschkarte:
A synonym for the "red card" in soccer.
Reason: When they started to watch soccer on the TV, they couldn't tell the yellow cards from the red cards, because of the lack of color. So The referees started to keep the yellow card in the bag of their shirt and the red one in their trousers. So iteraly near their ass.

If something went wrong, you got the bad card, ergo the arschkarte.
1. Das ist doch kein Grund für die scheiß Arschkarte (german)!
That's not a reason for the damm red card!

2. Da hast du voll die Arschkarte gezogen!
You got the bad card/Dude thas bad luck
by Ashere May 27, 2007

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The opposite of the Joker - means You have lost, You are are fool of someone.
Da habe ich die Arschkarte gezogen.
by Lutz Biesterfeld April 21, 2003