small dick shaped like the head of an arrow
Dan O'Kane has an arrowhead dick!
by horn December 03, 2002
Top Definition
When a guy gets a blowjob from two girls at once. The guy will lay flat while the two girls both blow him at angles so there asses are facing the guy. At the point the guy can now finger the girls from behind while he is getting a blowjob.
my friend got arrowheaded by two girls.
#blowjob #two girls #fingering #arrows #head
by sexiscool69 June 27, 2009
A person who is addicted to Arrowhead Spring Water. Arrowheads are most commonly seen drinking out of a 1 gallon jug. This is thought to be because of the bottles' optimal price and capacity.

The term is a combination of 'Arrowhead' and 'head'(as in, crack'head', pot'head', etc)
Dude1: Dude, I saw your economics teacher carrying around a 1 gallon bottle of Arrowhead Spring Water!! Hahahahaah!

Dude2: I know dude! He is such an Arrowhead!
#arrow #head #arrowhead #spring #water #spring water #jug #bottle #can #economics #teacher
by Ice Masta P February 15, 2009
when you get brain from a native
damn, did you hook up with Pocahontas?

bet. got me that arrowhead
#arrowhead #native #brain #head #hookup
by nvmdusa December 19, 2011
n. a term used to describe a wee-nis tip that is shaped like an arrow. Arrow Heads are triangular in shape, and can cause mild to moderate injury/harm if handled incorrectly.
Janie: "What happened to Julie's lip?"
Rose: "Her new boyfriend has an Arrow Head."
Janie: "Gee, sucks to be her!"
#wee-nis #penis #arrow #head #sex #intercourse
by Dr. Josephus May 03, 2011
When an individual attempts at giving another party a "high five"
and the receiving party reciprocates by flicking the hand of the "high fiver" with their middle finger symbolizing an allegory for sex.
Random stoner: "Hey bro high five"
Even more stoned random stoner: (flick)
Random stoner: "Bruh i fell sexually harassed in soo many ways"
Even more stoned random stoner: "Bitch you just got Arrow Headed"
#arrow head #high five #arrow #head #stoner #random #sex
by CommanderV July 18, 2014
When smoking a cig., you take drags really fast so that the remaining ashes on the cig makes a point similar to an arrowhead.
Dude, i heard my mom coming down the driveway so i took my drags so fast that my cig had an arrowhead 2 inches long.
#hot boxx #fast drag #quiky smoke #super smoke #smokers drags
by Pete De La Rocha November 15, 2005
Holding your hands palm to palm in a prayer position.And Inserting them into any orifice you choose on a woman. A.K.A "The Crazy Andi"
I gave "Crazy Andi" the Arrowhead after a night of drinking. She never shit right again. Thanks for the wild night.
#arrow head #fisting #anal #arowhead #arow head
by Funkhouser May 26, 2006
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